About ITC

The enterprise was founded in 2004 with the purpose of practical development and manufacture of products and devices on the basis of natural IIa-type diamonds.

The industrial-technological center of the enterprise incorporates:

  • a laboratory for examination and certification of diamond crystal and raw diamonds;
  • advanced processing equipment for sawing up, polishing and machining of diamonds;
  • a technological laboratory for diamond microelectronics;
  • a technological division for production and assembly of semiconductor and optical devices, electronic components;
  • a line for fabrication of medical diamond instruments and diamond components;
  • high-accuracy analytical and measuring devices and instruments, including a molecular-beam epitaxy systems, high-vacuum technology system for deposition and evaporation of materials, processing module for chemical treatment and electronic microscope with an X-ray spectral analysis module, a automatic system for profile control, IR- and UV-speclrophotometers, equipment for precision optical control of plates' parameters.

Now we produce and offer to customers:

  • wide nomenclature of the certificated diamond substrates and precision plates for optics and electronics, including heat-conducting substrates for microwave devices and powerful diodes, MCM for integrated circuits;
  • specialized diamond optical plates with unique parameters on thermo-, the mechanical, optical, electric and radiation resistance, with wavelengths working in a range from 0.2 up to 100 microns;
  • wide nomenclature of precision diamond substrates and diamond micro-components of complex configuration for medical and industrial assignments;
  • spectrometer and dosimetric detectors of ionizing radiations for nuclear engineering, medicine, physics of high energy, other industries;
  • UV-«solar-blind» detectors and UV-preamplifier integrated assemblies.