Natural IIa-type diamond, whose 5.5 eV-band gap eliminates visible and near-UV sensitivity and permits diamond detectors to operate at room temperature without cooling, is used as photoconductive material for production of «solar-blind» (visible and «IR-light blind») detectors, which are ideal sensors for measuring of absolute UV power with subnanosecond time resolution and without the use of light blocking filters.

In July 2003 the unique threshold UV-photodetector (FPY-1) was developed, which is sensitive in a range of 190-300 nm, capable to register weak optical signals. Sensitive threshold of UV detector arrives at (1-2)•10-14 W/Hz1/2.

Photovoltaic photodetector FPY-1


  • ecology – control of the water pollution level;
  • medicine – control of the level UV-radiation in a room;
  • industrial and scientific instrument-making: spectrometry, chromatography, astrophysical research, measurement of power of lasers.

Technical characteristics of FPY-1:

Spectral range of sensitivity, nm 190...300
Bias voltage, V 5...200
Maximum of spectral response at wave length, nm 220
Sensitivity threshold at lmax, up to, W/Hz1/2 (1...2)•10-14
Sensitivity of UV range / sensitivity of Visible range relationship, not less 1•104
Noise voltage, V/Hz1/2 2.5•10-9
Constant time of the photoresponse, sec 250•10-6
Dynamic range, W/cm2 10-12
Size of a photosensitivity area, mm2 4...8
Weight, not more, g 1.5

The development of new photoreceived device based on FPY-1 has been started in December 2003.

The relative spectral characteristic of sensitivity of FPY-1:

Photoreceiving devices based on FPY-1

We also offer high-sensitive «solar-blind» diamond UV-photodetectors of FA-line, which can work under extreme environment conditions. UV photoresistors of FA-line are designed for registration and measurement of parameters of ultraviolet (UV) radiation through transformation of optical radiation to an electrical signal. The range of spectral sensitivity of photoresistors of FA-line is 190-300 nm (FA-1, FA-2 and FA-3 models). Each detector has semiconducting photoresponsive element, placed inside of the tight metal-glass or cermet 16 lead-out cover, which is equipped with UV-transparent optical window.

Applications of FA-line photodetectors:

  • monitoring the performance of excimer UV-lasers, UV-lamps and other UV-sources in the range of 190-300 nm;
  • monitoring the performance of UV-curing devices;
  • monitoring the leakage of industrial UV-sources radiating in the UV-range.

The test bench for measurement of photoelectric parameters of UV-photodetectors

Model FA-1 FA-2 FA-3
Spectral sensitivity range, nm 190...30
Bias voltage (not more than), V 150 50 150
Maximum of spectral response at wave length, nm 220
Maximum of spectral responsivity atlмах, A/W 45 15 100
Dark current (at Uopr= 30 V), pA <10
Size of a photosensitivity area, mm2 1
Overall dimensions, mm D11, H15 D5.5, H28 19•6.5•7.5
Construction (package) TO-8 metal-glass case TO-18 metal-glass case Cermet 16 lead-out cover
Weight, not more, g 3 1.5 1.5

Environment conditions: temperature from –30°C to +45°C; relative humidity less than 93±3% at normal temperature.