Diamond optical components

Natural IIa-type «nitrogen-free» diamond plates, windows and substrates. We offer double or single-side polished, plane-parallel discs made of specially selected IIa-type diamonds.

Substrates and plates with different dimensions and shapes, with fully documented parameters, including geometric, electrophysical and optical values, with or without specific crystallographic orientation, and also in metal-mounted modules or with metal deposited composition or single layer.

Morphological and geometric data

Deviation from flatness (for working surface) Less than l/5 for small size windows (depends on window size)
Surface roughness Less than 40 nm (profile-trace data is optional)
Deviation from a parallelism of base surfaces Less than 5 arc degree (digital measurements data are possible by request)
Configuration of edges Laser-cutted, mechanically cutted or not configured (by order - with natural shaped edges)

Typical tolerances

Sizes in a plane of a surface ±0.10 mm
0.25 mm and more ±0.05 mm
150...200 µm ±0.025 mm
super-thin (<100 µm) by request
ultra-thin (<50 µm) by request

Crystallographic orientation

[100] or [110] or [111] ±3°

Optional characteristics (by request): electro-physical-, optical- and thermo- parameters

IR-transmission spectra In 0.25...6.0 µm range (optional as digital measurements data)
Electrical resistance Between top and bottom (optional as digital measurements data)
Cathodoluminescence data CL-spectra and/or topogram CL-image (optional as digital measurements data)
Thermal conductivity Integrated value (optional as digital measurements data)
UV-edge absorption data In 0.19...0.35 µm range (optional as digital measurements data)
UV-induced luminescence data Optional as digital measurements data