ITC «UralAlmazInvest»: Diamonds in high technologies

ITC «UralAlmazInvest» Co. is a scientific and industrial high-technological enterprise, a leading Russian company in the field of development and manufacture of various technical, optical and electronic products based on natural IIa-type diamonds.

It is founded in July, 2004 with the purpose of development and small-batch production of industrial products and various optical and electronic devices on the basis of natural IIa-type diamonds.

The technological and scientific basis of enterprise activity is based on the the results of research and technological development of leading Russian industrial firms, R&D institutes and well-known scientists of USSR's military-industrial complex.

We practically continue works of Russian scientific and technological groups of science of diamond materials, device- and instrument-making.

The basic spheres in which are applied or can be useful natural IIa-type «nitrogen-free» diamonds:

  • electronic material: semiconductor substrates and optics windows;
  • electronic devices: ionizing radiation detectors (including alpha, x-ray, gamma, etc.), UV-sensors;
  • medicine: diamond microinstruments, cryo- and laser scalpels; cutting blades;
  • head-spreaders and substrates for MCM;
  • microelectronics devices: semiconductor sensors.

ITC «UralAlmazInvest» is ready for wide-scale cooperation in development, production and sale of articles and devices on the basis of IIa-type diamonds.







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